In July 2011, I signed up to make a quilt for a charity and promptly forgot about it…(shame faced).  A couple weeks ago, the lovely hostess emailed and asked if I was still submitting a quilt.  Submitting a quilt?  What quilt? What charity?  The email included the link to the post on the hostess blog where I kindly signed up to make a quilt…YIKES!  It was then the first week of January and I was due for a surgical procedure – these procedures are tricky as sometimes the numbness of the pain medications as well as the effects of anesthesia wear away slowly; at times too slow to sew.  So I would be under the wire to make a quilt in 14 days, much less have it in the mail by January 25.  So working as quickly as my condition and the subsequent surgery would allow, I began making and posting pictures noting my progress.  Those of you who commented; you’ll never know how much that meant to me…it is so helpful to have good online friends, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!  Thanks also to my daughter … Bev, you are wonderful with your steadfast loyalty…she really thought I could do it…lol!  And you know what, I did.  This is a photo of  “Shades of Royalty” that will be in the mail tomorrow morning.  Also, much gratitude to pattern maker Ann M. Smith who allowed me to use her “Diamonds in the Rough” NYE Mystery quilt pattern.  THANKS ANN!

Thanks you Thearica for your patience.  The quilt is for the 2012 Ronald McDonald House of the Ozarks, Springfield, MI fundraiser.  Please visit her site and read about the organization and about the event that I’m sure you will want to lend your support by purchasing tickets to the quilt raffle.


4 thoughts on “ALL FINISHED!

  1. Thanks for visiting the Rowanberry blog. I was happy to visit you in turn and find your beautiful work. This quilt is really beautiful – I LOVE the fabrics you chose, the purple tones, and the pretty little swirls in the black. And your story is inspirational – I look forward to reading future posts and seeing more of your work!

  2. My first visit to your blog, Pam. Your quilting is beautiful. I love your use of colour. And as for this quilt – to make a quilt from scratch – and especially when you’re not working at full power – in two weeks!!!! Well, that is astonishing. And the results are beautiful. I hope it helps make a lot of money for the charity.

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