Whewww! This is not easy…

A few weeks ago, I happened upon Jeanneke’s “Building Houses from Scraps” blog .  Now, mind you I knew that it would be no easy task to make 3 1/2 inch house blocks.  However, I was game as it definitely presented a challenge.  First I enlarged the given pattern and cut out the pieces and hand sewed the pieces together.  I was so unhappy with the results – it was crooked!  OY!  So I thought for a minute about how I could come up with a paper piecing pattern for this tiny little block.  After all it should be easy to make even the 3 1/2 inch block with paper piecing.  So using my EQ7, I drew the house pattern and printed the foundation pieces.  These itty bitty blocks  3 1/2 inches is the beginning of 366 houses.  Two down and 364 to go….rofl!   It is a fun thing to do, but it is time consuming project for sure!



 So small, right?


The first NYE quilt

The first NYE quilt, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Today and for the first time, these hands…wait, now my left hand quilted a quilt on a longarm machine. You can see the name Lenni on the machine. The Quilt Academy is operated by Lorraine Harnish who is a gifted artist. She gave me my first lesson a couple weeks ago. However, today she is off appearing in a show in VA and I had to kind of “wing” it. Lol, I could hear her “voice” as I quilted along and I didn’t break any needles, blow any fuses, or jam up the machine. It was mostly smooth sailing! Awesome, I’ll be quilting more quilts. No feathers yet, lol.

This is the quilt that I was making on December 31, 2011 … almost finished; it is waiting for the binding … and my daughter  is clapping her hands in delight!


A FINISH! by creativedawn
A FINISH!, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

All finished! I took photos of this with my cell phone a couple days ago, but the colors just weren’t showing up. This morning, this photo was taken outside on the front “grassy” area. It is still winter…lol. I think this is a better showing of the finished quilt. This a fun little project. Thanks Melody for the inspiration!

Building House Blocks


a Netherlands blogger has been very busy building houses!  Yes!  Building houses out of fabric scraps.  She and about a thousand other bloggers and non-bloggers are busy building – about 366 houses this year.  If you wish to participate or just view the gorgeous houses, just hop on over to her blog and read about the project.  Of course she and most house builders started back on January 1, 2012 building these lovelies.  Oh, they are so gorgeous.  It is such a rave that stores there are packaging scraps for house builders.  Now I found about the process late in January and was able to get a pattern – the pattern is now available in Jeanneke’s store.

Okay, I have finally gotten a start on this project.  Yeah, I know – doubting the whole process from the start as 3 inches is a bit daunting a task for these injured fingers.  BUT! they are so very cute I simply must give it a try.  So on Sunday afternoon the process began with me trying to paper-piece the pattern as it was – smack me in the back of my head!  WHAT was I thinking?  So plan A is to cut all the (11) ELEVEN pieces and hand stitch them together…  Of course I enlarged the pattern a bit.  I will be able to tell what the finished size is after piecing it.  If when I get tired of hand-piecing, I will then turn to paper piecing the houses…

So here is an update on the quilt along project.  It sat for a few days and I AM AMAZED that it is still tightly fused.  Anyhoo, I added some hand stitching.  Here are three pictures of the progress.

Other doings….

Boy, there are so many wonderful artist out there in cyberland willing to share their knowledge.  Melody at Fibermania is such an artist.  I have been admiring her artful blog for the past couple years.  About five years ago, I did a little fabric dyeing, but due to the lack of space that was a short-lived project.  Melody’s blog is full of the colorful fibers that she dyes…her quilts are STUNNING works of color blasting ART!   Okay, back to the purpose of this post.  Melody has a QUILTING ALONG  WITH MELODY on her blog.  She uses Wonder Under and her fabulous hand dyed fabric cut to her design to “FUSE” together a quilt.

I decided to follow along and here is the quilt so far…it has been fused together onto a batting and is now waiting for some hand stitching.  This was a very freeing experience as I just cut the fabric willy nilly without any drawing or plans.  So what is it?  Lol, I’ve not decided yet!  This picture was snapped with my cellphone and the colors aren’t accurate.  The really pale color is YELLOW!  I will take another photo with my camera.


OWLS by creativedawn
OWLS, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

I am a visiting artist at my daughters’ Alma Mater and right before the Christmas holidays the “Owl Project” was introduced to some of the art students. The girls were supplied with 10 inch squares of PFD fabric, a needle, thread, and an owl template. After drawing the pattern, they were instructed in hand sewing, turning, and then stuffing. They learned to ladder stitch the owls to close AND here are a couple pictures of their work. Aren’t they lovely? The picture doesn’t do them justice!