Cherie  is a wonderful artist that I met in an online doll group about four years ago and she was the first ever swap partner I had.  Yes, she trusted me to send her a doll (as I was very late) after sending along a very scrumptious doll.  She has green and yellow striped legs …

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !  I absolutely love her with her black boa feathers.  You see, her work is very different and oh so creative and I am oh so in love with her art!   Here are a couple pictures of some of her latest dolls.  They are “Three Witches”; two of them have bat wings and she sent companions with them…a beautiful bright green and purple frog…a fantastical, whimsical black and red crow/raven (can’t decide which-and for some reason not clearly visible in this picture-will post him later).  The latest witch…the one with purple and white/black hair, came with a Cherie brand broom!  It is so well made and really looks like she could just take flight with her bat-winged companions at any given second.   Thanks Cherie, I love them all!

Just look at these lovely faces!!!!

Here is a picture of all of them (cannot see crow too well), but the frog is just so awesome!

Isn’t she just gorgeous?   I love the detail work of her face…and oh I just love her hair!!!!


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