Other doings….

Boy, there are so many wonderful artist out there in cyberland willing to share their knowledge.  Melody at Fibermania is such an artist.  I have been admiring her artful blog for the past couple years.  About five years ago, I did a little fabric dyeing, but due to the lack of space that was a short-lived project.  Melody’s blog is full of the colorful fibers that she dyes…her quilts are STUNNING works of color blasting ART!   Okay, back to the purpose of this post.  Melody has a QUILTING ALONG  WITH MELODY on her blog.  She uses Wonder Under and her fabulous hand dyed fabric cut to her design to “FUSE” together a quilt.

I decided to follow along and here is the quilt so far…it has been fused together onto a batting and is now waiting for some hand stitching.  This was a very freeing experience as I just cut the fabric willy nilly without any drawing or plans.  So what is it?  Lol, I’ve not decided yet!  This picture was snapped with my cellphone and the colors aren’t accurate.  The really pale color is YELLOW!  I will take another photo with my camera.


One thought on “Other doings….

  1. The colours are much nicer in real life (the later photo of the completed work). But wow! – this technique could be the answer to my problems! Hate piecing, can’t do it, but I love the quilting. Will go over to Melody’s blog and find out more before giving it some thought! Thank you for passing the link along.

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