Building House Blocks


a Netherlands blogger has been very busy building houses!  Yes!  Building houses out of fabric scraps.  She and about a thousand other bloggers and non-bloggers are busy building – about 366 houses this year.  If you wish to participate or just view the gorgeous houses, just hop on over to her blog and read about the project.  Of course she and most house builders started back on January 1, 2012 building these lovelies.  Oh, they are so gorgeous.  It is such a rave that stores there are packaging scraps for house builders.  Now I found about the process late in January and was able to get a pattern – the pattern is now available in Jeanneke’s store.

Okay, I have finally gotten a start on this project.  Yeah, I know – doubting the whole process from the start as 3 inches is a bit daunting a task for these injured fingers.  BUT! they are so very cute I simply must give it a try.  So on Sunday afternoon the process began with me trying to paper-piece the pattern as it was – smack me in the back of my head!  WHAT was I thinking?  So plan A is to cut all the (11) ELEVEN pieces and hand stitch them together…  Of course I enlarged the pattern a bit.  I will be able to tell what the finished size is after piecing it.  If when I get tired of hand-piecing, I will then turn to paper piecing the houses…


One thought on “Building House Blocks

  1. So the entire block measures 3 inches…? That is very fiddly! And the plan is to make lots and lots of these like the examples over on Jeanneke’s blog? I would go crazy, and the results would not be very good, but I have confidence that yours will be perfectly pieced and beautiful! 🙂

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