The first NYE quilt

The first NYE quilt, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Today and for the first time, these hands…wait, now my left hand quilted a quilt on a longarm machine. You can see the name Lenni on the machine. The Quilt Academy is operated by Lorraine Harnish who is a gifted artist. She gave me my first lesson a couple weeks ago. However, today she is off appearing in a show in VA and I had to kind of “wing” it. Lol, I could hear her “voice” as I quilted along and I didn’t break any needles, blow any fuses, or jam up the machine. It was mostly smooth sailing! Awesome, I’ll be quilting more quilts. No feathers yet, lol.

This is the quilt that I was making on December 31, 2011 … almost finished; it is waiting for the binding … and my daughter  is clapping her hands in delight!


5 thoughts on “The first NYE quilt

  1. Congratulations. I’m still hand quilting!!!!! I am trying to use my Bernina to help out but I’m just not comfortable enough to try a full size quilt yet and there is no way I can fit a longarm in my home. Cheers Glenda

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