Whewww! This is not easy…

A few weeks ago, I happened upon Jeanneke’s “Building Houses from Scraps” blog .  Now, mind you I knew that it would be no easy task to make 3 1/2 inch house blocks.  However, I was game as it definitely presented a challenge.  First I enlarged the given pattern and cut out the pieces and hand sewed the pieces together.  I was so unhappy with the results – it was crooked!  OY!  So I thought for a minute about how I could come up with a paper piecing pattern for this tiny little block.  After all it should be easy to make even the 3 1/2 inch block with paper piecing.  So using my EQ7, I drew the house pattern and printed the foundation pieces.  These itty bitty blocks  3 1/2 inches is the beginning of 366 houses.  Two down and 364 to go….rofl!   It is a fun thing to do, but it is time consuming project for sure!



 So small, right?



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