Welcome SPRING!

Welcome SPRING! by creativedawn
Welcome SPRING!, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Today is the First Day of Spring! Hooray! We had a mild winter, but there’s nothing like the wonderful first blossoms of these trees. They signal Spring’s arrival every year around here! Now, mind you, it is a rainy and cloudy start to the day, but we are promised that will develop into a lovely, sunny First Day of Spring!
Whatever, I seem to recall a saying that April showers bring May flowers….Oh, dang…it’s still March isn’t it! Lol, well … still, have a great FIRST DAY OF SPRING


One thought on “Welcome SPRING!

  1. Our magnolia blossoms won’t be out for a while yet, but we are enjoying warmer weather with sunshine interspersed with sea mist so thick that the large ships crossing the bay have to continually sound their foghorns. Spring is probably my favourite time of year – it’s great to see the beautiful bright coloured spring flowers coming out in full bloom. Hope your first day of spring was a good one!

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