Poppy 2

Poppy 2 by creativedawn
Poppy 2, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Another handcrafted purse made from Janice Pope’s Tulip purse pattern. I designed the wallet that nestles perfectly inside this very roomy purse.
Fabrics by Laura Gunn.


3 thoughts on “Poppy 2

  1. Oh I love this collection! stunning. You are amazing! I must answer your questions about Bythe dolls….you should make clothes for Blythes – they would be a hit!
    Blythe dolls come standard, ready to go. Many people then customize them, like mine have been.. Here is a couple of websites to give you more of an idea…new dolls are released a few times a year…

    Hope that gives you more of an idea what world I have gotten myself into it is incredibly addictive, and I don’t know why.

    Hugs to you Pam XX

  2. Beautifully done, Pam. And I love that poppy fabric. I’ve been looking for some large floral print fabric to have a go at embellishing the centres of the flowers and quilting around them, but no luck so far… Wishing you a lovely week.

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