A Tee Shirt Affair

Here is what a Hooded Sweatshirt, a tee shirt and scarf can be fashioned into. This another of my “design as I sew” handbags.   More pictures later so you can see how the tee shirt was used for the lining and pockets.  The other side of this bag sports the front pocket on the sweat shirt.  The purse has an inserted zipper (that took 3 hours to figure out how to insert) in the top for a more secure closure.  The scarf was used to make the wallet, adjustable shoulder strap, and for the binding finish along the top of the bag…   I really enjoy the final product…must make more…lol!


1 large hooded sweat shirt

1 large tee shirt

1 72 x 10 (?) scarf

purchased hardware

No pattern used…designed as I sew


6 thoughts on “A Tee Shirt Affair

    1. I don’t know about that, but very big thanks coming from someone as TALENTED as you. I am still not crazy about tiny dolls, but you are making me give it second thoughts…lol….

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