More pictures of “T shirt Affair”

This bag started with this hooded sweatshirt and tie dyed tee shirt…


the back of the bag has the front pocket of the sweat shirt


A look inside where the tee shirt was used as the lining and the letters were fashioned into the pocket separations.


A look at the zipper that almost defeated me…but ended in a pretty good looking and secure zipper insertion!  I’ve put these zippers into the sides of dresses, but this insertion was much more difficult.  I hope I can remember how I did it the next time!!!  There is an advantage in having a camera running while I sew and if I do that, maybe I can start making patterns of my work… hmmmm, good idea, eh!  Lol!


4 thoughts on “More pictures of “T shirt Affair”

  1. I would never even be able to envisage two t shirts becoming a bag! It looks so well-planned out, and beautifully executed of course. Do I take it this was a ‘re-purposing’ of some old things you no longer wanted..? If so – even better! Good for the earth too! 🙂

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