Now I can tell

you about a doll that I made for a blogger friend.  The dear, sweet woman was visited by all kinds of just plain ole bad “stuff” the entire month of May.  So I and another doll maker decided we would cheer her up by sending her a little something.  It was a great joy to make this doll and send it to her.  She was COMPLETELY surprised and awed!  I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she opened that box!!!  Lol…

Here is another pose of “June Tah’ – Hah’ – Net’ … read more about her here….

Pattern based on dolls in “Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls” by Jan Horrox

PDF fabric by Robert Kaufman

Skirt from Kaffe Fassett fabric

Teal stripe by Laura Gunn – legs; yellow charmeuse body and breast

Purple silk dupioni

over dyed lace

polka dot gross grain ribbon; green silk ribbon; purple ribbon

orange mohair glued/sewed for hair

Button jointed doll; needle sculpted face; hands, feet

Inktense pencils; gel pens; crystal lacquer

Buffalo Snow stuffing …

“Bright Logs” – Mini quilt made from pattern from Sarah Fielke’s book



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