Garden Party ! ! ! aka NYE Mystery Quilt

Here is the finished quilt!  I am really excited, no, it isn’t my first quilt by any means.  However, it is my first quilt long armed quilting adventure.  What do you think?

Every week Michele of Quilting Gallery hosts a weekly theme week and this week is “Scrappy” quilts.  Quilters send in photos of their quilts and a file is compiled and on Friday, one can vote for their favorite quilt.  Please vote for my quilt! Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment.  I love comments!




 Do you remember my NYE Mystery quilt?  NYE stands for New Year’s Eve!  Here it is August, BUT I finished the binding last night or early this morning.  I am so happy that it is finally completed.  Phewww, what a journey!  Lol…   later today I will take proper photos of it.