A Doll Arrival!


AuntPittyPat held her annual “Americana” Annie Doll Swap and my partner has already sent her doll to me!!!  Hi Joan  , waving vigorously!!!!  I have loved “Annie” dolls since a little girl so I could not pass up this opportunity to make and swap an “Annie” doll.  Here is a picture (more to come) of my package.  Thanks very much for a wonderful package!  I will treasure “Millie” and her traveling companion “Clara”.  Look how cute they are and oh my goodness!  Do you see the wonderful quilt.  Millie has a wonderful coffee aroma and it makes me want to “put a pot” on … coffee anyone?   Everyone knows we sewers/quilters most essential piece of equipment is CHOCOLATE!!!  I’m going to dive into these “DOVES” later today…lol!

Isn’t she just the sweetest!  I promise to take better pictures so you can see how really pretty she is…that red background is not good at all…lol…

Here are some pictures taken today … I think this is a better setting!


Now…isn’t that better?

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