Ayala  is hosting a Draw a face a day called “29 FACES” during the month of February.  A novel way to celebrate leap year!  I have decided to participate, so come back to this page everyday to follow my progress.  Gulp…that means everyday I have to draw, paint, etch (giggle) a face.  OY!  Drawing and painting on dolls’ faces is one thing….this WILL BE A HUGE CHALLENGE!!!  And this is a new blog with a new setup so I’m hoping this entry actually works as it should.



7 thoughts on “29 FACES

  1. Hmmm…no face here…did you forget, like me? I only remembered when my friend posted hers and then I got my rear into gear. 😉

  2. Pam! is that you?!! I didn’t realise you’d leapt from Blogger too… or is this a new addition, rather than a replacement? If blogger would allow me access to view the blogs I followed, I could find out for myself!!!!!
    You look to be very creative as always! Hope you are well my friend.

  3. Hi Pam – thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I’d come by and check out your progress on your 29 faces project. You’re ambitious to do a face/day. I like what you’ve done. Nice painting and drawing. Don’t know if you’ve attempted any in fabric. That would be FUN!

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