Special Doll    I am a fiber artist…a sewer…a crafter…a quilter…a fabricholic!  A mother to 4 wonderful children and 5 lovely grans.  To be honest I spend most of my time trying to sew; manipulating fibers by knitting, gluing, beading, embroidering.  My ultimate goal is to create unique assorted sized of purses and handbags … a collection of mini quilts.  The creative outlet keeps me sane since my work injury (disabled retired police officer for a major metro area)  I try not to think about this life altering event, but it does and will somewhat control what I do for the rest of my days.  So being able to continue to create in any shape or form makes me extremely happy.  My moto … 

PASSION = FABRIC   or  is it  FABRIC = PASSION?   Whatever…I love fiber and I also plan to go back to hand dyeing my fabric also.  Whew, so many plans…so little time!  Come share my passion by leaving your lovely comments and critiques!  Thanks! 


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations for your blog and your art projects. I am also a fabricholic, mainly a quilter. I look forward to seeing more of you art now and then. Stay strong and keep this beautiful passion of yours 🙂

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