My lovely hubby…

My lovely hubby gave me a beautiful bear to hug….lol, well after he gets his hugs in that is, and beautiful pink roses.  Image

Thanks Honey!   AND   Happy MOTHER’S DAY to all of you who are mentoring, caring for, advising, and loving children/others.  May you all enjoy and celebrate the day …


My lovely hubby gave me a beautiful bear to hug….lol, well after he gets his hugs in that is, and beautiful pink roses.  Image

Thanks Honey!   AND   Happy MOTHER’S DAY to all of you who are mentoring, caring for, advising, and loving children/others who need a bit of loving!  May you all enjoy and celebrate the day with families….

More pictures of “T shirt Affair”

This bag started with this hooded sweatshirt and tie dyed tee shirt…


the back of the bag has the front pocket of the sweat shirt


A look inside where the tee shirt was used as the lining and the letters were fashioned into the pocket separations.


A look at the zipper that almost defeated me…but ended in a pretty good looking and secure zipper insertion!  I’ve put these zippers into the sides of dresses, but this insertion was much more difficult.  I hope I can remember how I did it the next time!!!  There is an advantage in having a camera running while I sew and if I do that, maybe I can start making patterns of my work… hmmmm, good idea, eh!  Lol!

A Tee Shirt Affair

Here is what a Hooded Sweatshirt, a tee shirt and scarf can be fashioned into. This another of my “design as I sew” handbags.   More pictures later so you can see how the tee shirt was used for the lining and pockets.  The other side of this bag sports the front pocket on the sweat shirt.  The purse has an inserted zipper (that took 3 hours to figure out how to insert) in the top for a more secure closure.  The scarf was used to make the wallet, adjustable shoulder strap, and for the binding finish along the top of the bag…   I really enjoy the final product…must make more…lol!


1 large hooded sweat shirt

1 large tee shirt

1 72 x 10 (?) scarf

purchased hardware

No pattern used…designed as I sew

Farmer’s Wife blocks

In late February or early March…snicker…, I joined this blogger, to make Farmers Wife Sample blocks in her quilt a long.  These blocks are labor intensive, partly due to my hand injury.  It proves to be a difficult task to manipulate the slippery acrylic templates on the fabric.   These are the blocks that I’ve managed to finish.

Joel Dewberry


Kaffe Fassett

Tula Pink’s Prince Charming

Stuff in progress

Like all quilters, there is a long list of projects in different stages of completion.   Shhhh, we won’t talk about those…lol.

I finished this, but did not meet the deadline!

I really enjoy this author’s books; I brought this one with thoughts of making the quilts in it…heeheehee.  Very ambitious for sure and just so you know, this isn’t the first time.   One of the doll groups I am in issued a challenge for last month – make a doll quilt.  The good news is that I finished the quilt….bad news?  It wasn’t finished in time for the challenge.  Oh well, here is the quilt I’m calling “Bright Logs” made using directions in Sarah Fielke’s book…her block named “The Woodpile”.

I love wonky blocks and this is a real cutie!


Made from assorted scraps of fabrics from

Hoffman challenge fabrics

batiks, Laura Gunn, Laurel Burch, Kona Cotton, Kaffe Fassett

and if you see your fabric here, let me know!

Hand quilted by Moi … using hand dyed threads by Laura Wasilowski,


Farmer’s Wife blocks

Farmer’s Wife by Laurie Aaron Hird

Joel Dewberry/Westminster

Free Spirit

Tula Pink/Prince Charming/Westminster

Kona Cottons

Marti Mitchel Acrylic Templates (which I’ve had for forever; nice to finally use them!!!)

Welcome SPRING!

Welcome SPRING! by creativedawn
Welcome SPRING!, a photo by creativedawn on Flickr.

Today is the First Day of Spring! Hooray! We had a mild winter, but there’s nothing like the wonderful first blossoms of these trees. They signal Spring’s arrival every year around here! Now, mind you, it is a rainy and cloudy start to the day, but we are promised that will develop into a lovely, sunny First Day of Spring!
Whatever, I seem to recall a saying that April showers bring May flowers….Oh, dang…it’s still March isn’t it! Lol, well … still, have a great FIRST DAY OF SPRING

Whewww! This is not easy…

A few weeks ago, I happened upon Jeanneke’s “Building Houses from Scraps” blog .  Now, mind you I knew that it would be no easy task to make 3 1/2 inch house blocks.  However, I was game as it definitely presented a challenge.  First I enlarged the given pattern and cut out the pieces and hand sewed the pieces together.  I was so unhappy with the results – it was crooked!  OY!  So I thought for a minute about how I could come up with a paper piecing pattern for this tiny little block.  After all it should be easy to make even the 3 1/2 inch block with paper piecing.  So using my EQ7, I drew the house pattern and printed the foundation pieces.  These itty bitty blocks  3 1/2 inches is the beginning of 366 houses.  Two down and 364 to go….rofl!   It is a fun thing to do, but it is time consuming project for sure!



 So small, right?